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  1. look i understand why you posted it i think people really underestimate what can happen by the influence of others what charlie manson did was horrifying but some people think he well he didnt really kill them himself yet this shows in grisly detail what can happen from his influence and it is disturbing i also understand that the tate family would not want to see this if you didnt show it though someone else would in most likely a worse way

  2. These photos helped me to understand why Charles Manson is in prison for life. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy on 8/6/11 and I thought of Sharon. She never got to hold her child in life!! She begged for both of their lives to be spared. I kind of understand how she must have felt in the days leading to her death. She was excited and happy! She was 2 weeks away from her due date. It saddens and angers me that Charlie and his followers have the unmittigated gaul to appear before parole boards every so often!! I don’t care how much they say they’ve changed. They did what they did and had CA not repealed the death penalty…they would all be dead now!!

  3. Pictures like these should never have been released to the public.
    The ones with the victims being whited out I can see, but not these.
    If Sharon were my sister, daughter or wife, I would be very upset and livid.

    George Vreeland Hill

  4. Yes, you’re really real bastard! Die, bitch! Dick in your ass, scum! Fuck yourself in the ass with a kitchen knife and suck negro dick! And hang your pictures here with a broken ass, and nigga dick in your mouth!

  5. I think that it may help to solve a crime if police released more detailed images or information relating to similar crames. Sometimes someone may see some detail others overlook which will either highlight new leads or solve a case.

  6. Pictures like this are important to show because it reminds people of the real horror that is murder. I hope the family understands that simple fact.

  7. i dont get why ppl are complaining about the image and it being on google’s search results, so what, the guy who runs this page didnt make google show it, besides, its not like the guy is sayings its a wonderfully happy photo, its just the reality of what happened, if you dont want to see it dont click on the photo, dumbasses. no one forced you to enter the site and write complaining comments. if you dont like it, just ignore it.

    and on another note, its so sad what happened, poor people, and like the guy who wrote (i assume the guy who’s site this is) poor kid, its bad enough when someone is murdered, worse when the woman is pregnant. tragedy.

    • XD the owned of diz blog cant speak eng XD im 1 of the guys who post in here and i post these photo and biography, sadly yesh she was pregnant, and u r rite bout the haters that enter here just 2 complain, but one of them was right, i didnt think in the family reactions bout her lost. anyways thanks 4 da visit

  8. Perhaps if the photo was of a family member of your own then you would understand why people are offended. This was a living, breathing woman with a family and friends who loved her. To show such a graphic photograph of her like this is another way of hurting her family. Imagine knowing that there is a photo of your sister’s dead body posted on the internet for the world to see. We truely do live in a sick, cruel world when people can get offended at people being shocked to see a photo like this. You can defend yourself all you want with that “don’t click the link if you don’t want to see this” but it still doesn’t change the fact that YOU posted this picture, which speaks volumes for what kind of person you are. But like I said before, maybe if it was one of your family members in the picture, you would understand.

    • well u hav the point right thur man and thanks 4 da critic, i noe its kinda fawked up and yeh i posted da photo but it wuz like mmm a way 2 show the gruesome scene iunno. and yah i can understand why ppl get offended but not all the ppl can express their point of view like u did so yeh im sorry if diz disturbed u wasnt my intention. thanks 4 da visit and ill think bout wut u sed

  9. Dude, people who are looking for pictures of Sharon Tate on google get this in the first page, but us non sociopaths don’t really like gruesome murder scenes which is why people comment on the site.
    You don’t like all the hate, change the tags so people don’t have to see that photo by accident anymore.

    • well man i actually dont giv a crap bout the hate XD, im bitching bout the complainings, its not my problem if u c diz photo on the 1st page on google, it wuz ur choice 2 come here and check it, in google u see da photos in small size u dont see dat much u chose 2 come down here see the photo and complain so dats why im bitching round XD :3 cya man

  10. this fcking photo is on first site ffs!(on google graphic!) ppl have to be blind to do not see this photo! so it mean u are sick person fcking perver’s troll, but what I could expect from BR’s :/

    • man we r not responsible bout u entering the site, u r the 1 who came in here so stfu, also we r not pervert trolls, we just put da photo in order 2 giv a better idea bout the facts of the murder, yeh we c these things and we dont feel anything but dat wasn´t the main reason why we put the photo. so if u dont like anything u can always complain but u cant come in here and tell us we r sick ppl, we dont care so stfu, and yeh we might b beaners but still ur mom likes me :3 ;) XD

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